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It is time once again to feel the music. When we gather together outdoors, to expand our experiences and celebrate life, exponential growth occurs in every direction. We become more open to new ideas, inspired to create, enjoy & dance. We thrive on new & old connections able to reach new depths easily, often not attainable in everyday society. We explore new kinds of musical expression meant to help facilitate all of these concepts. Music that was created to allow the observer to experience it beyond normal passive listening...to actually feel it. This is bass culture. For it's 5th yr, in the spirit of growth & new beginnings we present Emissions: West Coast Bass Culture 2013, with fresh creativity, in an area new to it. Providing transformation in many different ways from visual aspect to venue. Come and experience festival culture in its truest form. With a focus on encouraging connection & enjoyment alongside one of the most consistent, uniquely satisfying lineups available. Instead of the usual 'agency rosters', their handpicked musical selections foretell the artists that will be sought after by the growing massive commercial events surrounding it. Striving for an open accepting community atmosphere focused on the music & people. Free from forced beliefs & outer commercial sponsorship, it is more about the actual peak moments. Immerse yourself in creativity, outward joy & expression in a co-created event with music, art & the intention of helping make an unforgettable experience in a transformative space. A creative space for community to gather & dance to massive sound together, in nature. Emissions will have a more limited capacity than any previous years, but that will just make it even more special. Although we are a grassroots community & this is not an 'industry show', it is a completely permitted, secure event. Professional security, fully staffed venue, operations & facilities. Our Focus~ 1) The People 2) The Music 3) All Inclusive, Non Elitist, Everyone Is Welcome Communal Atmosphere 4) Appropriate Size, Minimal Impact Event (Actual, not the reg 'Green' claim) 5) Enjoyment & Celebration 6) Creativity, Art & Expression ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~18+ ~This Is A ZERO WASTE, Pack It In/Pack It Out Event ~No Pets Allowed ~Internal Security Crew looking out for festival attendees safety ~On Site Medic/EMT ~Bring A Floatation Device For The Water Stage! ~Come To Enjoy Yourself & Allow Others To As Well ———————————————————————— www.EmissionsFestival.com

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